About Me

Hello there, I'm Benjamin Lester.

The majority of my past work experience has been in Python, though my first exposure to programming was using R at university. I have a lot experience in data analysis, and web scraping.

I am also a web developer. I help businesses get online and in front of their customers using technology such as React, and ExpressJS.

Read more about my programming endevaours here and on my CV.

I set up my own photography business back in 2011 to help pay my way through university, you can read more about that here or on my website - Through Ben's Lens .

I attended Imperial College London between 2011-2014 where I gained a BSc in Microbiology with First Class Honours.

Outside of work I love riding my bicycle, especially up hills working my way through Simon Warren's 100 Greatest Climbs book. You can find me on Strava . I play a bit of guitar and enjoy skiing.

I also hate writing things like this about myself, can you tell?